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I'm Vern and I make things.

From my early memories up to today, I've always been a designer. I have this drive to create things. Whether that's something I'm designing or a layout I'm updating, the end goal is to always make things... or make them better.


Buckets of

Photoshop, Figma, XD, InDesign, Illustrator... my toolbox runneth over with years of skills and knowledge


Gobs of

Over 15 years of professional experience at companies large and small


Tons of

Quality control is paramount when working under tight deadlines


Loads of

A team player who is dedicated not only to his craft, but to the team he's working with

What does Vern bring to the table?

Grid Background

"Not only would I recommend Jon as a designer, but in my opinion he would be well suited for any creative director type of role. His combination of craft with being able to coach his direct reports is a great asset to any team."

Thomas Nassiff

Director of Merchandising

About Vern

From small town Wisconsin to downtown San Francisco... I've worked and lived in a lot of places. As the man in black would say, "I've been everywhere, man". Read on about my journey, if you dare...

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